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Hi all.



Welcome to my webpage!


I’ll be the first to call it “boring”, but for a first attempt (seeing as I’m only using Word and a few tricks from a long time ago, and I don’t do this very often (not at all the past 2 years), it’s a beginning.


I teach at Lee Jr High School in the Woodland Joint Unified School District. I’ll be transferring to one of the High Schools this fall, as part of the realignment of 9th graders to the High School campus and the opening of the new Pioneer High School.


Hope all is well. Enjoy your day!




Static Links:


My iDisk (various files)


My Blog is at: (this page)


Lee Jr High School


Woodland Joint Unified School District.



IMET Links:


Concept Attainment Powerpoint (see my iDisk)


Research Question assignment, due 3/15/03

Research Question outline (includes annotations—check them out)


Advance Organizers due 3/19/03


Simulations due 3/30


Research Funnel due 4/1


Since I’ll be absent for  most of the TappedIn on April 2, 2003, I’ve posted the homework from Dr. Geni. It can be found here. Feedback appreciated.



Marco and I are working on the surveys together. Here’s the link to my survey:

Click Here


You should also check out Marco’s site at He has lots of data on the rest of our joint project. Enjoy!



Marco and I are working on the project for 281 together. You can find information on the project Here.