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Research Design


Qualitative Research


Due April 2, 2003 (not exactly April Fools, eh?)



The assignment wants us to describe our research project in terms of either the Funnel or Modified Analytic Induction Approach. I choose the Funnel Approach, because it would seem that by becoming more specific, the research would narrow down a very applicable topic and go in-depth toward that topic.


My Research Postulate from last week was:


Teachers who are given the opportunity to select their computer platform of choice will integrate technology into their lesson plans more than teachers who are given no such choice.



Funnel Design:


General Questions


o      Local School Administration?

o      District Office Administration?

o      Other Teachers?

o      District Technology Staff?

o      Computers (general)?


Possible Sites and Subjects


Possible Sources of Data


Potential Data Collection Strategies


Placing this into the Funnel, we get to:

More Focused Questions

(theoretical, of course, since the actual questions will come with data analysis)



Increased Focus: Narrower Data Collection



Come to conclusions and write report.