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Do teachers who have a choice of computing platforms integrate technology into their classes more than those teachers who are not given that choice?
Possibe areas of exploration:

Note: the question here is NOT one of Mac vs. PC. Unfortunately, it often will degrade to that unless that is specifically stated. Instead, the question is one of choice. If the teacher chooses his or her own platform of instruction, all other things being equal (cost, base software, network access, projection devices, etc.), do the teachers integrate more technology into their classes. The platform choice, by itself, is not relevant to the research. The teachers surveyed and analyzed make that decision for their own personal reasons. It is important to note that they must be given free choice in the decision, as any perceived bias toward any one platform would bias the results and make them meaningless. However, with those caveats, it would be interesting to see the results.

  1. Will teachers use multimedia more During Teaching
    1. Does the use of multimedia tools enhance learning
    2. Does use of multimedia tools increase comprehension
    3. Does use of multimedia tools speed learning/mastery of content/standards/etc.
  2. Will teachers encourage students to use technology more
  3. Will home-school communication increase
    1. Will email increase
    2. Will teachers use web-based communication more
    3. Will teachers use web pages to assign and/or maintain homework/homework lists
  4. Will teachers expand their own knowledge to assist in class
    1. Take classes
      1. Complete CTAP training
      2. Inservice
      3. University
      4. Extension
      5. Online
    2. Participate in training conferences
  5. Administrative resistance due to:
    1. lack of forward thinking/understanding of teacher goals
    2. lack of support
      1. perceived/real cost increase
        1. TCO
        2. Acquisition
      2. platform bias
      3. perceived lack of software
      4. Teacher perception of lack of support for a particular platform
    3. Additional unknown admin wants/needs
    4. Unwillingness to relinquish control
  6. Miscellaneous Thoughts
    1. What administrative barriers might exist that would limit the factors listed below?

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